These archives document the research of students in New York, Hong Kong and Cologne. They questioned the Everyday and investigated methodologies and practices to observe it. The archives became the repertory for the visual responses documented on

New York

Michelle Eguia

My blog revolves around my daily life through the distortion of water. This blog entails how a sheet of water can alter reality and distort everyday life through a different lens.

Sang Gyun Kim

A Street A Day is a blog that posts a name of a street everyday. Recently, while driving with a friend in Brooklyn, my friend took a photo of Marcy st - popularized by Jay-Z as ‘Marcy project’ - and sent a snapchat of it to another friend. That motivated me.

Joel Tschong

This is Joel's Tumblr page, a documentation of NYC in the constraints of time of the day and lighting along with architecture and perspective.

Alice Lim

We come across numerous amounts of information daily from our habitats. I am exploring the different types of information in our habitat is providing from simple signs and symbols to more complex systems of communication.

Andrew Ramirez

Exploring the inhabited and the uninhabited

Lauren Waxman

object purgatory. the place between use and destruction for everyday objects.

Urvita Jhaveri

My blog revolves around the idea of “any city”. The images I have selected could be portraying any city on this globe, despite the fact that they have all been taken in New York City.

Anna Peditto

Capturing media in urban environments that are published by individuals & independent groups to highlight diversity outside corporate ads.

Stella Giavos

The means of the kitchen captures the techniques that are used while cooking in the small confines of your own home.

Jiawei Yan | Olivia

Places are bounded by walls and glasses. This blog documents a variety of views that people see through different windows which make up New York City. The scenes we see through the glass are always rescaled and distant, and all of them are captured spontaneously.

Tiffany Shen

Living and working in a crowded city is a loud and crazy experience. My visual diary is about “When you need your headphones”. Most people will agree that music can be a motivator and drive you.

Elise Avdakov

Capturing shadow and light in its strongest composition, while exploring the sidewalks of New York City, reveals a more sensitive yet stark way of looking at an environment.

Meijun Li

People travel, from bed to bathroom, from a room to a room, from one location to another. There are countless ways people choose to travel. We walk, climb when we were babies, roll when we are playing, jump and run when we are happy. This blog documents my travel habits

Kristiana Marcon

A documentation of coins found out of their usual habitat and instead find themselves vulnerable on to the streets and buildings of New York City.

Selwa Abd

The complex sound environment of NYC presents extremely rich yet unique sonic textures. Our aural understanding of space is expanding all the time. In the modern soundscape, the notion of 'presence' is very important, thus, profound listening in the everyday life is necessary.

Jalil Samuel


Aviva Silberstein

This blog shows images from my commute on the subway every day. I live relatively far from school (186 street to 13th street), so I have a bit of a ways to travel. It’s really interesting to people watch on the subway. Some people appear to be anxious and sad, and others joyous and upbeat. There is so much to see and learn on the train. Enjoy!

Hong Kong

Anna Chan

Busy and prosperous, seems to be the image that Hong Kong presents. Different people work here and complete the city. I took some shots from another uncommon angle, to look at something in detail and to learn to appreciate my city.

Chan Wing Sze, Ceci

People live in this compressed space, simultaneously they compete in this tiny market. What are people actually dying for? There are bondings between millions of people in the city to create different circles. Spark flies and coagulates into the precious moments of “happiness”, while these circles dash.

Ho Sheung Yan Nicolas

Having numerous buildings, Hong Kong is a place regarded as a concrete jungle where plants could hardly survive. However, by taking a stroll through the city, we can easily discover ‘bonsais’ either grown by the nature or nurtured by people.

Wai Yan Jim, Claudia

Hanging clothes is part of Hong Kong cityscape. From large quilts to towels, and even to underwears, Hong Kong people never hesitate to display their private live. The clothes float in the wind under sunlight, they are a part of my daily reflection of the city.

Lam Ka Yin, Kayin

In Hong Kong, thousands of people live behind the repeating patterns of shapes. As the lack of space, buildings are standing close together. They are similar in their outer appearances. Sometimes, only color helps to separate them.

Lau Ka Hei Carrie

“So far, yet so close” is how I describe Hong Kong. In this hectic city, it is not easy to take a breath. But, some people try to find their own moments without the concerns of how others see them and where they are. Everyone is looking for their secret gardens, but actually they can be anywhere. Together they form microhabitats under the city, macro habitats.

Lee Ka Yin, Karrie

Due to the limited space and unlimited desire of aggressive human nature, Hong Kong is considered to be a concrete jungle. Human and nature seem to struggle keenly for space. Are they competing or compatible? This blog reveals their possibility of coexistence and potential harmony as a whole.

LEE Sin Yee, Angela

It is a way to capture the interaction between people: chitchatting, a quick eye contact, and a smile, etc. Human behaviour is a good inspiration to explore deeper into this living space, Hong Kong.

Li Kwan Kin Ken

Curiousity is a common characteristic of Hongkong people. People group together in tiny places, driven together by curiousity, which we also call "eating peanuts". Most of the people enjoy being the audience only.

Li Yuet Ling, Annie

Hong Kong is a modern and fast-paced metropolitan. It is famous for it's magnificent skyscrapers, busy roads and fancy shopping malls. However, behind those new development areas, there are some old districts still sending a gentle light in the dark.

LUI Siu Fung, SF

We always think that Hong Kong is a busy and crowded place. As a Hong Kong people, I want to capture the scenes of silence in Hong Kong and know more about when these scenes happen.

Ng Pui Suen Moryah

Below The Lion Rock witnesses the development of Hong Kong. It is a unique spirit of Hong Kong people that staying positive and riding through ups and down together in their struggling lives.

Ng Wing Yan, Winky

In Hong Kong you will find shops not in basements but upstairs. From private kitchen to book store, Upstairs shop are full of surprise and personality, developing as a culture and microhabitat mainly inside old buildings since the 90s.

Rubens Ma

Rust, Peeling varnish, defacing. Those stuff just like wrinkle or the age spots of the old man. Our body illness and situation can show our living style indirectly. A city is the same. It will aging, it will sick. I will find out the traces of aging of the city. And from the trace we can read the city.

Wu Wing Hung Gabriel

Nowadays Hong Kong students like to build up their image. The image is based on trends. Students regard themselves as shining stars. This project is going to act and pretend one of them for understanding and exploring of this behavior.

Denise Yeung

We keep moving in this crowded city, Hong Kong days and nights. Can we escape from the hustle and bustle? Traveling around, you pass through alleys between buildings. Sunlight projects huge shadows. We are finding our space for breath.


Behind the blooming face, right between the skyscrapers, back alleys in Hong Kong are like backstages of daily life. Narrow but rich, reflects the ordinary life of Hong Kong people.

Irene | Yuen Ching Yu

Referencing the daily lives of locals in Hong Kong, the project focuses on the microhabitat of light bus drivers and extends to their surroundings. The mini bus also represents the rapid movement of people within the city.

YUNG Tsz Wing (Sheron)

My passion is to cook. During my exchange year in Germany I became very interested in experimenting with different ingredients. Back in Hong Kong, I do research in local eating habits and markets. This is my microhabitat.

Chung Wing Hin, Green Tea

Micro Landscape In this project, I will try to observes and capture our city landscape in a micro way with the angle of surveillance camera which appear so much in this city.

kwok ka lok

The founder and chef of the Dragon and Phoenix Kitchen, Kwok Chun Kwong, lives and works in the restaurant. It shows the microhabitat in Hong Kong and the family connection.

Lau Chun Tao

From a cozy flat to cage house or even just a mattress under the bridge, our own private space is precious. For me, microhabitat is creating one’s own house within our public area.

Lo Ka Kin, Kenneth

Hong Kong is illuminated, day and night. Still there are people living in the dark. They are hidden and not easy to see. These series of photos are the way to make them visible.




Hannah-Lisa Paul

There are many traces – inside and outside. Always. Not only by us, also from others. secureness - personality - width - narrow

Philipp Naujoks

mi casa es su casa

Leah-Lilith Heeren


Max Mauro Schmid

ears shut, eyes closed surrounding remains surface

Adrian Witzel

The central piece of observation is the 370 square meter residence of a more than 90-year-old woman. A last wish of her husband was to keep the family house for ever. Now for more then 15 years the woman lives alone in the big house without changing even a little thing to it. She avoids some areas deliberately to prevent change and she sees the preservation of the house as the last chance to give her husband a proof of love.

Kieran Kaul

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